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🎥 Feeling frustrated with your insurance company denying your valid claims? You’re definitely not alone! In this revealing video, Taylor Grant from Bellator Claims shares real stories from homeowners just like you. Take David’s story: after severe thunderstorms ripped over 200 shingles off his roof, his insurance company took weeks to respond and only offered to patch things up. They even sent investigators to interrogate him! When another storm hit and he filed a new claim, they shockingly claimed the damage was from two years ago. It’s the same old delay, deny, and diminish tactic we see all the time. 🏠 And David’s not the only one.

Billy from Arvada had his own nightmare with a 27-year-old roof. His contractor confirmed the shingles were discontinued and couldn’t be matched, but the insurance company still denied his claim and insisted on impossible repairs. Talk about frustrating! Don’t let your insurer push you around! 💪

At Bellator Claims, we stand up for homeowners, property managers, and contractors to make sure your property gets back to its pre-loss condition, just like your policy promises. If you’re battling your insurance company and they’re not playing fair, reach out to us at BellatorClaims.com. We’re here to help you fight back! 🏡🔨

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