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Tired of insurance claims being denied? You’re not alone. Taylor Graham here from Bellator Claims, and I want to share a story that might hit close to home. Today, we’re diving into Eric’s frustrating experience with his insurance company, and believe me, it’s a real eye-opener.

Eric’s been a loyal customer of his insurance company for over a decade. Recently, his roof suffered severe damage from a storm. Naturally, he filed a claim. But guess what? His claim was denied. They said he didn’t file it on time. Alright, maybe that could happen. But then, his earlier claim for the same damage was also rejected. It’s hard not to feel like they’re just finding excuses, right?

Now, here’s where it gets really maddening. Eric’s neighbor, who had similar roof damage, had their claim approved by their insurance company. Why wasn’t Eric’s claim treated the same? It’s infuriating!

I’ve been on many properties where this happens. The house next door gets their claim paid, but my client doesn’t. Hail damage can be widespread, impacting numerous homes in a single swath. If your neighbor’s damage is covered, yours should be too. But sometimes, insurance companies just don’t do their job right. They skip thorough inspections and don’t pay out fairly. Why? Because they’re trying to save money.

Let me break it down for you with the four D’s of insurance company tactics: they diminish claims by underpaying, deny claims outright, delay claims hoping you’ll give up, and force you to defend claims. Delay, deny, diminish, defend. If this sounds like what you’re going through, you need to take action.

Don’t let your insurance company wear you down. If they’re not paying your claim fully and fairly, reach out to us at Bellator Claims. The longer you wait, the worse things can get. This isn’t just about the legalities – it’s about protecting your home from further damage.

We often get asked, “When is it too late to hire a public adjuster?” The answer is simple: it’s never too late. A certified public adjuster can step in at any stage to help you navigate these insurance issues and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Our experienced claims adjusters handle both residential and commercial insurance claims, providing the support you need.

When disaster strikes, the last thing you need is more delays and excuses. Contact us at BellatorClaims.com. We’re here to fight for you, to make sure you get the fair treatment you deserve.

Don’t let your insurance company control the narrative. Reach out to us today at BellatorClaims.com and let’s get your life back on track.

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