Insurance Claim Denied Despite Clear Evidence

Insurance Claim Denied

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🏠 A homeowner in Fort Collins switched insurance company due to poor claims handling. The insurance company was quick to collect payments πŸ’° but slow and difficult when it came to filing claims πŸ“„. They used third-party adjusters and took over a month to agree to cover her leaking roof β˜”, which had wind damage and missing shingles. The contractor found more damaged OSB boards underneath πŸ› οΈ, which the insurance company initially ignored. Even after sending pictures πŸ“Έ and an invoice for the damaged boards, they refused to cover their replacement 🧐❌.

πŸ πŸ›‘οΈDon’t let insurance disputes leave your roof vulnerable and unrepaired. Take control of your claim now! 🀠 Reach out to Bellator Claims, an authorized public adjuster dedicated to passionately fighting for the fair coverage you’re entitled to. We prioritize the security of your home and your peace of mind above all else. 😊🀝 Let us handle the complexities while you focus on safeguarding your valuable investment.

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