How to Combat Unfair Roof Damage Claim Denials

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🌩️ Taylor here from Bellator Claims with a wild insurance saga that’s almost too crazy to believe!

🏠 Lori’s roof faced the wrath of back-to-back hail storms, but when it came time to check out the damage, the adjusters treated her roof like it was lava—no touching, just looking! They promised a second look-see but ghosted her instead. 🥶👻

🕵️‍♂️ They did sneak back, did a ninja roof check without a peep, and then—bam!—denied the claim, blaming it on the roof being old school. Not cool, right? 🚶‍♂️💨

🛠️ Taylor’s take? Don’t let those insurance ninjas get away with it! He’s all about setting boundaries and making sure you’ve got a pro in your corner ready to battle it out. 🤺

👉 Got a denied claim that’s giving you headaches? Swing by and let’s sort this mess out together.📲🎬

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