Got a Roof Denied? Here’s How to Strike Back

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🌧️😤 Have you ever been stuck under a leaky roof with nowhere to turn? That’s exactly what happened to Erica after a nasty hailstorm. Imagine looking up at your damaged roof while the insurance just shrugs it off! 

Erica’s neighborhood gets hammered by hail. Everyone’s roof is wrecked. She does everything right, gets quotes, shows the damage, but the adjuster—who, get this, lives just up the street—claims, “No hail fell here!” And refuses to cover the repairs. Even worse? All her neighbors are getting new roofs on their insurance! Erica’s frustration skyrockets as her calls to the insurance company go unanswered. 🏠💢

Stuck with a denied or delayed claim? Don’t just take it lying down. Bellator Claims is here to fight for you. We’ve seen it all, from minor claims to major injustices, and we’re ready to swing back. Check us out at Let’s show your insurance that you mean business! 💪🔨

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