Exploring Insurance Claim Challenges: A Homeowner’s Tale of Conflicting Adjuster Reports!

A Homeowner’s Tale of Conflicting Adjuster Reports!

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A person took a day off work to meet with the contractor and insurance company adjusters. 🏡 During the 30-minute inspection, the adjusters claimed there was no damage to the roofs, attributing it to age for the house roof and stating the detached garage had no damage. However, they did acknowledge hail damage to the siding. ☁️ This conflicted with a previous independent inspector, assumed to be an adjuster, who identified and agreed on hail damage. 🕵️‍♂️ When questioned about the discrepancy, the first adjuster, claiming their personnel was just a photographer, had no explanation. 📸 The person emphasized that the initial inspector was more knowledgeable about storm damage than the insurance company adjuster. ⚖️ They advised against accepting denials from virtual adjusters and urged others to seek assistance if faced with conflicting information. 🚫💼

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