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📹 Document EVERYTHING! With photos, videos, receipts, damaged property (keep it if you can). This captures the moment in time with PROOF!

👷 CONTRACTORS! This means you too, if you can document the storm damage/fire damage with pictures and video it helps me help your clients.

I recommend the three picture method + video:
📷 Pic 1: First picture of a zoomed out area to show point of reference for where the damage is (where are we?)
📷 Pic 2: A closer pic showing where the damage is (what we’re going to be looking at)
📷 Pic 3: Close up of the damage you’re point out (here is the damage I’m referring to)
🎥 Video: Of it all if you can. On iPhone you can record video then take pictures by tapping the white button on the screen. Remember, videos pick up audio too. I don’t recommend talking during the video, just SHOWING the damage.

🌩 When you document the damage properly, you’ll get further with the claim.

😤 If you’re not making progress with the insurance company on your legitimate property claim, contact us today.

Commerce City roof damage from wind insurance claim – owners – re-roofing after storm damage

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