Bellator’s Strategy to Overcome Denials

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Ever deal with an insurance claim and end up feeling like you’re getting nowhere? 😕 Yeah, it’s a common story.

Imagine your roof gets hit by hail. 🌩️ You call your insurance, they send someone over, but then they’re like, “Some of this damage isn’t new.” 🤨 And just like that, they’re trying to wiggle out of helping. That’s what happened to Selena. It’s frustrating, right? You follow the rules, but it feels like the insurance company isn’t playing fair. 🚫 And giving up? That feels even worse. 💔

What can you do about it? Well, that’s where I step in. 🦸‍♂️ I’m Taylor, and I’m with Bellator Claims. If your claim got pushed aside, delayed, or just flat-out denied and it feels wrong, don’t just sit there. 📢 Get in touch with us at We’re here to stand up for you. Because you don’t have to face them by yourself. 💪

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