Insurance Engineer Misses Hail Damage: Absurd Excuse Sparks Outrage

Absurd Excuse Sparks Outrage

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The homeowner faced storm damage, requiring stucco repair, painting, and new sunscreens. 🏑 However, the adjuster dropped a bombshell: the insurance company would only pay up after the repairs, with receipts as proof. 😳 The adjuster feared the funds might go shopping rather than home restoration, leaving the homeowner shocked and offended. When they reached out to their insurance agent, all roads led to a hotline. ☎️ Despite completing the repairs, not a dime has graced their pockets. 😀 Fed up with the wait and a whole year passing by, they threw in the towel, canceling the policy. πŸš«πŸ’Έ It was hard to stomach another year’s premium without a penny in return.

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